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Why are there no clocks or windows in casinos?

Entering a casino is like entering a country where there is no such thing as time. You’ve probably never seen a clock on the wall or a clear window leading to the outside world in a casino, if you think about it. So, why are there no clocks or windows in casinos? Because casinos prefer […]

Chance-based games

Gambling is one of the most misunderstood ideas in all of gambling. People are aware that certain casino games are gambling, but when asked to define the term, many are unsure. While this isn’t normally a major issue, it might put people in awkward circumstances at the casino.A lack of understanding of what gambling is […]

In a casino, how should you act?

So you’re new to gambling and can’t wait to go to your local casino or travel to Las Vegas to play under the dazzling lights of the city. All of this is incredibly thrilling! However, you need have a fundamental understanding of how to act when gambling in order to avoid embarrassment or, worse, being […]