Casino slot myths every gamer has heard

online_casino_mythsWe looked before at a few of the most popular myths surrounding slot games that despite having no basis in fact continue to proliferate. Most of these have translated from the old physical slot machines into those of the digital age on online casinos and are as untrue for online casinos as they ever were for physical games. If not more so as it is actually much easier for regulators to have constant automated access to and moderation of online gaming than to ensure physical casinos and slot machines in bars etc. play by the rules.

Myth: slots is a game of skill and experienced players are more likely to win

Fact: there is no real skill involved in playing slot games and someone playing for the first time is just as likely to win or lose than someone who plays regularly. The way slot games are designed with the hold and nudge functions gives the illusion of skill playing a part but this is not really the case. Of course, if you have a couple of identical symbols already, holding them and spinning for a third gives you a better chance of getting three of a kind or more than a spin from nothing but that’s about it. Once you have grasped the basic principles the rest is down to luck. Many regular players like to tell others about their skill and strategies and they probably actually believe what they are saying but the fact is that winning is based on pure chance. There are no strategies or skills that can be developed that really work to boost your chances. There are a couple of basics such as holding any matching symbols you already have when possible and playing with the maximum number of pay lines. All this does however is ensure that you don’t have less chance of winning than the basic odds rather than actually improving them.

Myth: there are scam online casinos that don’t pay out any winnings.

Fact: it would actually be extremely difficult to set up a scam online casino. The industry is heavily regulated and while it is not impossible for someone to opportunistically set up a fake online casino, take in the money of unsuspecting players and then take it down and disappear, practically this doesn’t really happen for a number of reasons. Any such operation would very quickly be detected and blocked by regulators. In order to take money from clients an online casino would have to set up payment facilities. In order to do so there is a lot of documentation that needs to be provided confirming identity which means that any scam operation would be relatively easy to track back to those responsible. This means that in practise scam online casino operations are almost non-existent.