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Why are there no clocks or windows in casinos?

Entering a casino is like entering a country where there is no such thing as time. You’ve probably never seen a clock on the wall or a clear window leading to the outside world in a casino, if you think about it. So, why are there no clocks or windows in casinos?

Because casinos prefer to keep players focused on the games, they don’t use clocks or windows. Casinos profit more the longer you play, and clocks serve as a distraction by indicating how long you’ve been playing. For the same reason, casinos do not have windows. The passage of time is depicted in windows.

Why aren’t there clocks in casinos?

When you walk into most ordinary companies, you will notice a clock on the wall. As an added convenience, several businesses provide this service to their clients.

When it comes to casinos, though, a clock on the wall is an unwelcome distraction. At least, that’s how the casino sees it. Humans are wired to react to the passage of time, and a clock is a reference to the passage of time.
When time stops still, casinos can keep your attention concentrated for longer.

If you knew how long you’d been sitting at that gaming table or machine, you’d be more motivated to start moving and get out of the field.
You might believe it’s not that difficult to figure out what time it is now. We all have timepieces on our wrists or phones in our hands. We don’t need clocks in the first place. That’s true, but there’s something to be said for being able to glance around, see a clock on the wall, and know what time it is.

Also, as a Las Vegas resident, I’ve stood in several buffet lines adjacent to the casino floor, and you know what I don’t see very often? I don’t see many people with their phones in their hands at slot machines or gaming tables.
People are always on their phones everywhere these days, but this is not the case on the casino floor.

It’s not that the lack of clocks at casinos is a major factor in people gambling longer, but it is a small psychological trick in a casino’s bag of tricks that can result in significant gains for the house.

Why aren’t there any Windows in casinos?

Casinos normally do not have windows for the same reasons as clocks. It may surprise you to get up and go to sleep if you are sitting at a machine in the evening and realise that it is getting light outside.

Because natural light shining on the gaming floor would blind the cards and machines, casinos would claim that they have no windows. While this makes logic, I’m not convinced it’s the only explanation.

Another way casinos keep players focused on their game is by removing windows. Players can’t be distracted by the outside world, and there are no references to the passage of time. I should point you that I’ve seen some windows in the gambling areas of Las Vegas casinos. These windows, on the other hand, are always opaque, so you can’t see out, and they’re always coloured, so the light coming through them gives the sense of perpetual twilight.

While the lack of clocks and windows in casinos can reduce the amount of time players spend their money, these aren’t the only methods casinos use to keep you from your money. Casinos Use Psychological Tricks to Keep You Spending The absence of clocks and windows is simply one of many psychological traps in a casino’s arsenal. Let’s look at some of the other ways a casino might keep you on the premises for longer.

Atmosphere of a Resort

Casinos used to be simply that: a casino floor with table games and slot machines. Today’s largest casinos provide a full resort experience, including shopping, excellent restaurants, pools, spas, and other amenities.
Casinos have discovered that the better customers feel, the longer they stay and spend more money. There is no better place to see this than in Las Vegas. Everything about a Las Vegas casino/resort is meant to make you happy!

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